The Big Moment (!)

Exciting news!

A resolution to protect Clipper Cove has just been introduced to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.

The resolution, authored by Supervisor Jane Kim, would establish planning principles and criteria to ensure sound development in the Cove, including the protection of public access and preservation of existing uses. These uses include Treasure Island Sailing Center and the sailing and science STEM program that each year puts 1,500 4th and 5th graders from San Francisco public schools onto the San Francisco Bay at Clipper Cove.

You can download a copy of the resolution by clicking here.

This resolution is a critically important response to the recent proposal by real estate developers to take 1/3rd of Clipper Cove for a private luxury marina dedicated exclusively to very large yachts.

We would never give 1/3rd of Golden Gate Park to a private resort, and we shouldn't give away Clipper Cove.

Please contact your City supervisor right now and urge them to protect the Cove by supporting the Clipper Cove planning resolution. It’s time for every Who in Whoville to shout out!

You can find your supervisor and their contact information here:

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