Sierra Club Opposes Mega-Marina Proposed for Treasure Island

More good news for Clipper Cove at Treasure Island!!

In a letter to the Treasure Island Development Authority, Sierra Club Bay Chapter Chair Becky Evans announced the Club’s opposition to a plan submitted by commercial developers to close off most of Clipper Cove and construct a sprawling, private luxury marina dedicated to large and super-sized yachts.

A look at the architectural drawings provided by developers reveals a mega-marina designed for mega-yachts. Under the developer’s proposal, just under 400 slips would be built with an average slip size of 54’ with accommodations for mega-yachts up to 175’ in length. Each slip would provided with two finger docks. In contrast, South Beach Marina, a relatively high-end marina located adjacent to AT&T ballpark in San Francisco, has an average slip size of 36’ and only one finger dock per boat. Prices for a new 54’ sailing yacht general start at $500,000 at the low end and run up to a few million dollars.


In her letter, Evans related Club’s resolution that found “Treasure Island marina as proposed would dramatically reduce public access to the Cove, particularly access for small boating. The Sierra Club opposes the Treasure Island marina as proposed...”

Not surprisingly, the footprint of proposed marina is startling large. Despite being the largest open-water cove in San Francisco (several times the size of McCovey Cove next to the At&T ballpark), most of the Cove would be closed off and given over to the new marina. Public access would be severely restricted. The scale of the marina design is such that it would essentially close of most of the Cove to small boating.

The Sierra Club letter notes “…the scale of the marina as currently proposed is much greater than can be accommodated without significant negative impacts on public access and use of the Cove, particularly on youth and community sailing. While a modest expansion of the current marina could be a benefit for the Treasure Island community, including the Treasure Island Sailing Center, this marina expansion would close off most of the cove to educational and recreational small boating, leaving only a small portion of the cove for these uses. This closure would severely limit and diminish recreational and educational opportunities for the citizens of San Francisco and the entire Bay Area."

"The Club is also concerned about the potential impact on views of open water, potential restriction of space for anchor-outs and detrimental impact on the eelgrass beds near the shore of Yerba Buena Island."

The Sierra Club resolved that:

“TIDA should pause development of the marina and update the public use assessment for Clipper Cover and the public benefits assessment of marina expansion to account for changes in Cove use over the past 12 years.”

In her letter Evans noted: “It is our understanding that the public comment that informed the Base Reuse Plan for Treasure Island took place in 1995-1996, and that public comment on the marina EIR took place a decade ago. However, public use of the cove has changed dramatically since then. We have the opportunity to ensure that Clipper Cove remains accessible to all San Franciscans. We hope that you will consider revisiting this critical topic.”

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