Sailing Center Speaks Out Against Marina Proposal; Asks for Public Discussion

The Treasure Island Community Sailing Center (TISC) spoke out today, detailing some of the serious problems in the proposal to convert Clipper Cove into a private marina. 

TISC Executive Director Travis Lund and Board member David Guinther spoke at a meeting of the Infrastructure and Transportation Committee of the Treasure Island Development Authority. They also submitted a letter from the TISC Board President Carisa Harris Adamson underscoring their comments.

TISC was diplomatic but straightforward about the sacrifices that would be made should the marina go forward as proposed.  Some highlights from the letter:

"Clipper Cove is a unique gem in the Bay.  It offers a safe and protected Cove for public recreation this is not found elsewhere in the Bay.  Once the Marina is built, Clipper Cove will be impacted forever and the scope of Community access to the Cove for safe sailing, kayaking, and paddle boarding will be severely limited."


as proposed the Marina "will significantly reduce and negatively impact youth sailing and community recreation in the Cove."


"We believe this is a critical time for citizens, public officials and other constituents to fully review the scale of the marina project and ask you to initiate a public discussion on the scope and location/position of the Marina in the Cove."

 You can read more by downloading a copy of the letter here.

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  • Hunter Cutting
    commented 2015-07-30 12:24:35 -0700
    Thanks Ariane, that meeting schedule to which you linked is for the 2014/2015 fiscal year, i.e. that was last August. TIDA hasn’t posted an update and hasn’t noticed the meeting but we’re trying to get informal confirmation over the phone. It might be that the next meeting is August 12.
  • Ariane Paul
    commented 2015-07-30 11:52:59 -0700
    The TIDA website shows that there is no meeting in August as the TIDA Board is on recess and the next meeting will be on Sept. 10th: