Sailing Center Speaks Out

The Treasure Island Sailing Center recently submitted a series of letters and statements to the Treasure Island Development Authority documenting the negative impacts of the proposal to take one-third of Clipper Cove for a private luxury marina.

The documentation details particularly harsh impacts on youth sailing and youth educational programs.

The first letter included a map of the proposed marina sitting directly on top of areas currently used by the Sailing Center for youth training, recreation, and education programs.

The second letter documented the measurements that calculate the new marina would take 32% of the Cove, as opposed to the current marina which takes 7% of the Cove.

The third document, a statement submitted by Sailing Center Board Chair Carisa Harris-Adamson at the October 30 TIDA hearing details the impacts of the proposed marina.

Harris-Adamson summed it up this way:

"As we have detailed repeatedly, this proposed marina expansion would have significant negative impacts on our programs. The proposed expansion will take-over one-third of the Cove,.... As a result of taking up a third of the Cove, all of our beginner youth sailing programs will be affected, including Set Sail Learn our STEM program for San Francisco public schools which will lose one-third of the area it currently sails in. Additionally, access to the beach, an important destination of our young sailors will be blocked for many new sailors who will not be able to sail through the narrow space between the wave attenuator and YBI. Finally, our High School, College and Adult Sailors, the latter which have been sailing in the Cove since we began in 1999, will no longer be able to hold regattas in the Cove because of the lack of space."

And she concluded by writing:

"...I will also continue to correct misrepresentations whenever they are made so that decision makers understand the impact this proposal will have on public access and community programs at TISC so an informed decision can be made.

Ultimately, it is up to San Francisco leaders to decide what is best for the entire community, not TIE or TISC."






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