San Francisco Neighborhoods Speak Up for Clipper Cove

The coalition that brings together all the neighborhoods groups in San Francisco, CSFN, recently adopted a resolution calling for the preservation of Clipper Cove.

They join a number of other groups that have recently endorsed the campaign to save the Cove including: Coleman Advocates for Youth, United Educators of San Francisco (the teacher's union in San Francisco), San Francisco Tomorrow,  the Harvey Milk Democratic Club, San Francisco Berniecrats and the Science Department of the San Francisco Unified School District.

CSFN points out that "Clipper Cove is a unique harbor that is San Francisco's largest and most valuable protected open water cove."  CSFN "opposes the proposed marina development and endorses the Treasure Island Sailing Center (TISC) minimum impact alternative option for Clipper Cove."


To download and read the complete letter click here.


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