Sierra Club Call Out Threat to Eelgrass Beds in Clipper Cove

A recent report by the State of California dropped a bit of bombshell for those worried about fate of eelgrass in Clipper Cove.

The report, from a feasibility study on the private mega-marina proposed for Clipper Cove, revealed for the first time that there is a good chance the mega-marina would change circulation and sedimentation in the Cove, causing the Cove to fill-in.

The State is concerned about the financial liability for the hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual maintenance dredging costs that would be requires to keep open a channel to the new marina.

Separate from the financial issues, the San Francisco Group of the Sierra Club has noted that that changes in sedimentation in the Cove as well as the cumulative impact of annual dredging both would threaten existing eelgrass beds on the south side of the Cove.  Eelgrass beds are a critically important and threatened keystone species in the Bay’s ecosystem. The DBW report came as a surprise as the environmental impact report (EIR) for the project, conducted back in 2005, did not envision the possibility of changing sedimentation in the Cove.

In response to the DBW report, the Club’s San Francisco group wrote to San Francisco Supervisor Jane Kim and V. Fei Tsen, chair of the Treasure Island Development Authority Board, highlighting the new environmental threat and underlining how the proposed marina would choke off access to Clipper Cove and the San Francisco Bay.

For more details, download the letter by clicking here.


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